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Bakkwa, also known as “rougan”, which means “dried meat” in the Hokkien, is a salty-sweet pork jerky and acts as a Chinese snack.

Savoury, sweet and even addictive, bak kwa (“dried meat” or “Chinese pork jerky”) is no doubt an irresistible food where you can enjoy them all year round. However, given their above-average prices, bak kwa is often seen as a luxury food reserved mostly for special occasions, notably during the Chinese New Year season.

It is one of the famous food in Malaysia and is mostly sold by many Bakkwa shops, bakery shops, supermarkets, and more during the Chinese New Year.

Here is the list of Top 5 Bakkwa Brands in Malaysia:

1. Loong Kee Dried Meat

Loong Kee is one of Malaysia’s most well-known bakkwa brands. Their bakkwa is made using a blend of high-quality meat and their own special herbs and spices. They also produce a variety types of bakkwa, including minced pork, sliced pork, bacon, pork floss, and more. You can get them either fresh or vacuum-packed.

Famous for festive favourites such as dried meat (barbecued meat), meat floss, meat fluff, mooncakes as well as feel-good all-year- round treats such as cookies and pastries.

Loong Kee remains one of the most recognisable brands in the bak kwa business. Their bak kwa regardless of pork or chicken are all made using the combination of high-quality meat and Loong Kee’s very own secret spices.

A best seller since 1976, Loong Kee core products enjoys tremendous good response from patrons especially during festive occasions where these delicious delicacies make the perfect home-visiting gift. The jingle of the company is well known and has been warmly embraced by customers and Malaysians alike (Loong Kee Dried Meat, Try It You’ll Love It!).

Try their Loong Kee’s Mini Vacuum Packed Dried Meat, it is a bite-size snack, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere! Comes in 4 flavours — Original Pork Dried Meat, Original Chicken Dried Meat, Chili Pork Dried Meat, and Black Pepper Pork Dried Meat.

Oloiya is a well-known local dried meat brand and is given of their famous buffed-up chicken mascot. They have a 40-year-plus history of producing famous bakkwa lies in their quality and consistency using the traditional recipe. All of their bakkwa are freshly grilled daily, so you can expect delicious, juicy, and tender meat.

The reason Oloiya has produced renowned bak kwa for more than 40 years is because to the quality and reliability of their original recipe. With accessible BBQ meats like chicken, sliced pig, and chilli pork, expect juicy and tender pieces.

Bee Cheng Hiang is a Singapore-based bakkwa brand and their first outlet in Kuala Lumpur is in 1985. All of their bakkwa is prepared entirely of natural ingredients, with no artificial seasonings or preservatives. Only premium pork is used and marinated in a blend of secret sauces before being grilled over a fiery coal fire. You can even customize their coin-shaped bakkwa.

Barbecued to perfection, our tantalizing looking bakkwa will be a feast to both the eyes and stomach.

Besides looking utterly appetizing, our tasty bakkwa simply leaves you yearning for more with its authentic good taste.

What’s good food without accompanying aroma? The distinctive aroma of our bakkwa compliments and accentuates its great taste.

Bee Cheng Hiang Malaysia offers a highest quality of meat. It is smothered slowly over hot coals for hours using a traditional bamboo sieve that is hand-woven. Every piece of meat receives a delicious infusion of moisture throughout the smoking process, which locks in a flow of sweet and savory marinade.

Another top-notch bakkwa brand is Hock Moon Hiong Dried Meat King. Its jerkies, sausages, and flosses have garnered rave reviews from customers over the world. They offer a variety of flavors that you may not have had before, such as Classic Chicken, Red Wine and Spicy Flavor, which is perfect for spicy food fans.

Wing Heong has been making bakkwa using only superior, non-frozen and 100% lean pork for nearly 50 years. weaved Their bakkwa is smoked with their family sauce recipe over a hand-wovweaved bamboo mesh to give it a characteristic smoky and caramelised flavour. Other than pork, alternative BBQ meats such as chicken, beef, and even ostrich meat are offered.

The Wing Heong taste, in selling dried meat business and recognizable brands in the Bak Kwa business. A unique taste that can only be produced by grilling every handcrafted slice with Wing Heong family sauce recipe. This, along with the appropriate amount of fat and meat, gives their bak kwa a distinctively smokey and caramelized flavor. There are four different varieties of bak kwa to choose from, including ostrich, chicken, beef, and pig.

Bak kwa is a popular dried meat snack in Malaysia. There are many different shops that sell bak kwa, and each one has their own unique recipe for making this delicious snack. Bak kwa is usually grilled over charcoal, which gives it a smokey flavor that everyone loves. Try one today!

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